Looking to make a custom order?

Want to have a toy custom made to your specifications? We’re currently working on an in-page editor, but until then, please fill out this form and we’ll get back to you with details on your artifact! You can also head over to our Etsy Page to see what we still have left in stock as well as create an order there! For ease of ordering and quick answering, please use the template included under the order form and copy and paste it into the message box.

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Placing Your Order:

When placing an order on Etsy, either send us a message, or click the “Request a Custom Order” Tab on the left hand side of the listings page. *Before I can start your order, there is some information I need to ensure that your toy is perfect before being shipped to your home. I have included a template that you can copy from here if you like to ensure that we have everything right away to start your order. I respond very quickly, so please keep an eye on your messages!*


-Model Name-
-Model Size-
-Model Firmness- (Super Soft 00-20) (Soft 00-30) (Medium 00-50) (Firm 10A)
-Image or description of desired look, with a rough break down of colors
-Bullet pocket in base? Yes or No
-Special Requests? *Please list if any*
-Within the US or International Order