the Aether

The Dark Guardian

The Aether is Xenocat's Contribution to the 2018 Halloweenies Design Collaboration! Aether is our take on the guardian angel of death. The front of its design features a bone like ribbing and a hooded glans. Towards its base it flows further into tipped feathers that flare and curl upwards, making the perfect stimulator when in use for clitoral or perenium play especially when paired with a hitachi wand or bullet in or against the base! Find Your comforts in the dark with Aether today, and truly embrace the unknown!

-Art by the amazing Lily Grasso-

Compatible Add-Ons and Accessories:

  • Bullet Vibe Slot
  • Glow in the Dark
  • Hand Painted Designs
Total Length (inches) Useable Length (inches) Widest Circumference (inches)
Small 6 1/4 5 1/4 5 1/4
Medium 7 1/2 6 6 1/4

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