the Azha

The Offspring

The Azha is a ribbed and dual tapered toy featuring both organic and inorganic design elements. The nodes on the side of the toy break up the texture for a playful approach as the toy itself starts at a narrower tip and back down to a narrower base, The Azha is a great match for those seeking a girthy fill and a ribbed sensation that purrs on the way in and out with each stroke and also has a small aesthetic maw at the tip of its design!

Compatible Add-Ons and Accessories:

  • Bullet Vibe Slot
  • Glow in the Dark
  • Hand Painted Designs
Total Length (inches) Useable Length (inches) Widest Circumference (inches)
Small 6 5.5 6
Medium 6.75 6 6.25
Large 7.5 6.75 7.25

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