About Na'Quora:

Na’Quora is a mountainous deep red stoned planet with a wine colored moss that has primarily dominated areas along the coast. The moss excretes some of its color and tints a good portion of the planets water a lilac color. The planet has a higher PH content and is secretly a massive cavernous system under the hills. These caverns act as housing for the fauna of the environment due to their incubator like temperatures as the planets sun sets in the evening. There are many caves that mimic the surface of the planet, including plant life and shallow pools.

Important Regions:

-The Quartz Valley (A large gouge that runs along part of the planets face to the southwest, resulting in a valley like structure. The valley was caused from a massive collapse from a mineral vein that sprawled underneath the planets cavern system, revealing its luminous treasures below)

-Southern Moss Beds (The largest culmination of moss growth in giant knolls that is majorly responsible for the planets rose tinted shores from its excretions. Acidic levels are very high)

-K'Juaa (The primary mountain nested on the upper east shore. K'Juaa is a relatively dormant volcanic head and is said to be responsible for the cavern's warmth from the veins of magma beneath its surface)

-Base Camp Altelier (An ecological study encampment nested along the mountain base above the Quartz Valley. A "Green" belt of ecological movement can be found here, tracking their paces between the flats to the cavern faces as they seek shelter from the planets cooler night cycles)

Discovered Species:

Kelpie (Southern Moss Beds)

Lesuth (Southern Moss Beds)

Jhora (The Quartz Valley)

Monarch (K'Juaa)

Helios (Base Camp Altelier "Outskirts")