About Surios:

Surios is a grassland dominated planet with ravines and very polar temperatures. It had once been developed with an unknown technology and traces can still be found lurking underground and within the skeletal structures left behind from its last inhabitants. Nature has begun reclamation of those structures and it’s crisp shallow waters glow at night in a soft teal bioluminescent with microorganisms. Strange angular rocks mark the hillsides in a geometric manner and the sun can cause extreme heat from time to time within local areas due to its unusual orbital pattern. A lot of fungi and organisms can be found guarding the entry ways and rock facings and the ground cover of trees are black barked interwoven clusters with thin almost crystalline leaves that are mostly transparent. These organisms seem to be hybridized organic and inorganic substances, emitting a soft dim maroon glow from their petals and leaves at night. In high volume areas these can be visible from orbit and will appear as a plum glow.

Important Regions:

-The Wreckage (Ancient technologies are found overgrown inside an organic derelict formation, either a ship or what had been an outpost from a past civilization. The hull sprawls an almost endless maze into the hillside it had receded into over years of erosion and growth)

-Fellmire Pass (A Grand valley that winds along the southern hemisphere of Surios. Faint glowing waters can be seen trickling along the roots that peek from the planets soils. Considered a flood zone or ancient irrigation channel)

-The Glass Grove (A central point within the Glass Forest, a large plain of teal grasses and ferns. The trees twinkle like the faint singing of wine glasses as the gentle winds sweep its enclosure.)

-The Silent Cove (A large placid lake located centrally on the pangea continent. A popular drinking hole for local fauna. The cove is prone to fog from its geological formation, slightly dipped from the rest of the landscape and traps humidity and is a reservoir for rain to collect in the drier months)

Discovered Species:

Azha (The Wreckage)

Cryptid (The Wreckage)

Nodus (The Silent Cove)

Ovistem (The Silent Cove)

Lyra (The Glass Grove)

Cayleodyne (Fellmire Pass)